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SouthWesties ABQ Goes To Dance Fiesta!

Next week is the annual Dance Fiesta here in ABQ. So much excite! Thus, in lieu of our normal SouthWesties ABQ Thursday Dance we are instead going to to party at the Dance Fiesta!

Ronnie DeBenedetta will be teaching a west coast swing workshop at 7 PM on September 21st at the Crown Plaza Albuquerque (map) which will be followed by some in intense dance partying. This ain’t your parents dance party.

Join us for some learning and fun!

Here’s a link to the Dance Fiesta schedule.

And heeeeere’s Ronnie!

Ben Morris and Victoria Henk Workshop Details

Everyone, listen up.

New details have been released about the upcoming Ben Morris and Victoria Henk workshops that are going to be held on November 4th and 5th. For those of you that get the Strictly Swing email blasts then you are already familiar—and barely containing your excitement; for everyone else here’s the low-down:

Ben Morris and Victoria Henk are going to teach 6—you heard me right, 6!—incredible workshops. Now you are certainly asking yourself, “How do I sign myself up for all of them!?” Go ahead and download the workshop flyer, fill it out, add some monies, and mail it! (Postage not included.) Yes, it really is that easy.

We should all extend a special thanks to Strictly Swing for making these workshops possible.

Did you forget who Ben Morris and Victoria Henk are? Well here’s another video. Also, a shameless plug for Ben’s website.

Ben Morris and Victoria Henk Are Coming to ABQ!

Hey! Did you know that Ben Morris and Victoria Henk will be coming back to Albuquerque to teach some phenomenal west coast swing workshops? No? Well they will!

Strictly Swing New Mexico is, once again, bringing these amazing dancers to ABQ. There will be workshops on November 4 & 5 at the Albuquerque Square Dance Center along with an always fun Strictly Swing Saturday Dance on November 4th. Be there or be square! (By which I mean be at the square dance center for the workshops.)

We’ll post more information regarding workshop fees and how to register for the classes soon so be sure to check back in or visit Strictly Swing’s Event Calendar.

Don’t know Ben Morris and Victoria Henk? Check this out…