About Us

We are a small, non-profit community organization that works to provide a place for New Mexicans to learn and dance West Coast Swing. We host weekly dances and occasional weekend workshops.

What’s West Coast Swing

Never danced or seen West Coast Swing? The long answer to your question is difficult so we’ll keep this short. West Coast Swing is a descendant dance of Lindy Hop whose origins are typically traced to the West Coast—surprising, we know—around the 1950s. While the dance has evolved a lot in the past 70 years, what sets it apart most from its parent is its smooth, flowing appearance and that we dance west coast swing to a large range of slow and moderate tempo music (typically in the range of 80–120 beats per minute). If you like a dance with a relaxed feel that can be done to a lot of contemporary music, join us! We think you’ll be pleased.